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Ginetta and F3 Skin Request Form

Want to try out a sample skin before you decide? Here you go! Download sample skin here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want another logo on the car
A: NO. Too much work.

Q: I want a pattern as one of three colors
A: NO. Too much work.

Q: What resolution will the skin be?
A: I'm creating the skins at 4096x4096. That's bigger than default and you need more
   VRAM to run it smoothly. The final skin package will have 2 sizes, 2K and 4K.
   Depending on the power/VRAM of your GFX card you pick one. That way you can also have
   the skins of other people 2K and replace yours with the 4K skin.

Q: What if I not like the colors?
A: Bad luck. No, try to think about the colors well before you send me your order. If it
   looks awful I think I warn you in advance, but I can correct it if I've time.

Q: I want more colors as striping
A: No. Too much work and too much colors won't give a better result

Q: I want less colors as striping
A: Possible. You can also use same colors but change for example glossy/matte. 
   Noticable most with dark colors.

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