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General Rules

  • Our servers: search for 'Lega Corsa'

  • Server Password: PCGT

  • Required apps: pTracker and Car Radar (or Helicorsa)

  • you MUST complete 10 valid laps on the race server. Check the live timings for your group in the main menu at the top to see how many laps you have done. Race servers are up 24/7 and open 7 days before a race, right up until race night.

  • Race incidents can be reported here

  • Race slots and are strictly first come, first served. We may enforce the 10 lap rule up to 30 minutes before an event. If demand is high, we may enforce the 10 lap rule at any time in the week before a race.

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Pitstop (tyres)
Race Format
2 quali, 2 race
2 quali, 2 race
FB Group
Start time
20:00 UK time
20:00 UK time

Penalties and judgements

  1. Drivers must respect track limits. Track limits are dictated by the white line. Unless admin clearly calls out exceptions to the white lines (eg. Sebring, Mugello), you must keep at least one tyre INSIDE the white line at all times. If in doubt, contact the admin team. Any misuse of runoffs or track limits will be punished and can lead to disqualification. Repeat offenders may face bans.

  2. Divebombs will not be tolerated

  3. Race incidents will only be assessed based on filling in the Race Protest Form.  Users must upload their own videos somewhere that a judging panel can publicly view them. Simply giving us a time stamp reference or a replay file is NOT sufficient. It must be a view-able video.

  4. You can only raise incident reports for incidents in which you are involved. This is to prevent drivers from examining replays to try and penalise drivers who sit ahead of them in the championship table. If you are not involved in the incident, we will pm you to let you know that we will not review your incident report.

  5. Judging is done by internal admins. In the event of a split decision, a third party opinion is required. This third party may be one or more people who do not race in our groups.

  6. Decisions will not be publicised and will only be communicated with the parties involved.

  7. In the event that a clear verdict cannot be reached or an incident is deemed unpunishable, a 'Race Incident' is declared. In this event, both drivers will be pulled into a Facebook chat by the admin team and the situation will be explained to them, after which we expect an agreement to disagree.

  8. In the event that a verdict is reached, various penalties apply. We will add to these over time as they crop up but for reference, we use the general MSA rules (C2.1.7). Drivers can accrue up to 12 points on their championship licence. If multiple reports are made against you in a given race and you are found guilty, points will stack meaning that although you may not be able to get 12 points for one offence you can do so by gathering multiple offences.

    1. Contact - Where contact causes an incident which hampers the other driver's race significantly - Carries 2 points on your championship licence and potential disqualification from a race

    2. ABC - Advantage by contact. Similar to Contact, but where clear advantage is gained and kept by the offender - Carries at least a mandatory 20 second penalty and 3 points on your championship licence​. Severe incidents can cause disqualification.

    3. Act of Revenge - Revenge does not belong in Lega Corsa. It is against everything we stand for. Acts of revenge can end in a permanent ban.

  9. Championship licence points are cleared after each championship.​

  10. We keep a record of Incident Reports. Questions will be asked if the same driver keeps getting involved in incidents

  11. In cases where incidents are reported but the accuser is in the wrong, the accuser may be punished accordingly

  12. If in doubt, get the opinion of a small group of peers before you raise an incident report

  13. It is advisable to wait a few hours before raising an incident report. Race session adrenaline may cloud your vision.

  14. One defensive adjustment is permitted when pressure is being applied by a following driver. Multiple adjustments to prevent an overtake are seen as obstruction and are punishable.

  15. In the event that a car fairly comes up alongside you, it is the responsibility of both drivers to afford space and make it through the next corner. At this point, if contact is made, it is very difficult to judge a clear culprit and it will usually be deemed a racing incident unless an unnatural movement of either car causes the incident.

  16. There are no restarts on our servers unless we're waiting for someone or someone gets disconnected before the race starts. Once the lights are green, we are live.

  17. All judging decisions are FINAL. We spend hours reviewing footage and arguing with each other, the last thing we want to do with our spare time is argue with you guys. Please accept the decisions and move on.

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